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Clients Include:

Attention Business Professionals: Feeling Stuck?

  • Frustrated with constant work changes and worry in silence about your future.
  • Exhausted and feeling guilty about not spending time with those you love.
  • Hesitate to speak up with your ideas and suggestions for fear of judgement.
  • Dread and procrastinate having difficult conversations to avoid conflict.
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You'll Love The Results:


  • Stop energy leaks by 30% with your personal blueprint
  • Speak with such certainty people comment on your positive impact
  • Become a magnet for circumstances and people that support your goals (work and personal)
  • Stay calm and grounded in midst of conflict

Mindset Mastery Academy for Business Professionals

An integrated program for lifestyle and career.

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Get Clear, Get Focused 

  • Discover the Science of the Sweet Spot, a  proven formula to guide your decision making for the rest of your life.
  • Learn the 3 "must haves" to catapult health and energy.
  • Reset your busy brain so you have LESS action steps and more certainty.
  • Calm the nervous system to sleep like a baby.

Dream Team Coaching - For People with Dreams

Combine Mindset and Energy Techniques to Create a Lifestyle You Love Waking Up To . . .

Interactive Program with LIVE guidance

Your Unique Personal Power to have the confidence, clarity and 100% certainty making decisions from a place of strength. (Taking action from a position of calm inner strength)

Dedicated Personal Time for fulfilling relationships where you feel valued and respected – including the relationship with yourself. Reduce overwhelm and overwork by 20% within 2 weeks.

Peace of Mind releasing worries about work, deadlines, and patterns that no longer serve you. 

Integration - most business professionals FAIL to integrate their mindset with their energy and brain patterns.

Mindset Mastery Academy:

  • Weekly 1 hour live zoom class supplemented by video modules. Ability to review and repeat lessons on your own schedule
  • Weekly guidance discovery downloads, videos, or audios
  • One – Weekly 60 min Q/A call, starting with group live mind calming meditation
  • Support from private group community
  • Personal session mid-course review: sign up for calendar slot for private session with Executive Coach
  • Program completion branded diploma
  • One year access to uploads, videos and audio bonus materials

What Makes This Program Different From Any Other?




From Stress To Clarity & Confidence

With this guided program you will:

  • Master your mindset and behavior to stay grounded and confident no matter what is going on around you.
  • Combine your personal, and career goals to reach results faster and with LESS effort and MORE fulfillment.
  • Create a personal blueprint to guide your decisions and your path from a place of strength and certainty.
  •  Experience improved sleep and be able to calm your mind within minutes whenever your wish.

Your Coach: Sandra Saenz

Coaching professionals for 29 years in 32 countries in 3 languages

  • Certified Dale Carnegie Coach 20 yrs
  • Author: Bring Your A Game
  • 25,000 Clients Globally

Clarity is Power!  Power is not about having lots of knowledge, or information, or money. These are not enough.  Mastering CLARITY is the key.

Getting Crystal Clear On . . .

  • who you truly are
  • what you truly desire and
  • what makes you feel fantastic!

That's authentic power.

In this program we will do what most professionals FAIL to do. We integrate your mindset, brain science and energy to fast track your success.

My mission: Connecting people with their magnificence.

Clients Include:

25,000 Clients All Over the Globe


Andy Clarke - Vice President Tecta America Roofing, Arizona

“With the coaching you provided, I have become a better listener, communicator and overall leader. I have also witnessed employees throughout the company that have matured into role models and leaders due to your sessions. There have been positive results in communication, morale and job performance. I always look forward to what you bring next.”

Dr. Martha Reed- Owner, Insights for Life, Arizona USA

"Sandra Saenz combines her strategic methods from her business experience while drawing on her creative fun side to take you to your next level. Her courses leave a lasting impact."

Amanda Duggan- Master Trainer & Director, Dale Carnegie United Kingdom

"Sandra has the rare quality of having a high level of business knowledge together with a creative flair to make her development sessions fun and engaging, creating an environment where people want to learn. Her passion for releasing untapped potential pays dividends for her participants and her clients."

Robert Korp - Carnegie Master & Director of Training Quality EMEA

When we purchased the Austrian Franchise, Sandra was invaluable in acquiring future business partners, and helped us write the business plan. Through her ability to connect with people and coaching skills, she consistently gets the highest training scores in the country. She knows how to attract repeat business by providing concrete results.


Group Offer $1650/person

8 weeks @ minimum 12 participants, max 16.

(Total of 17 hours of live coaching)

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